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Alexander Maconochie (penal reformer) - Wikipedia

(ISBN 0-330-29892-5); McCulloch, S. C., ‘Sir George Gipps and Captain Alexander Maconochie: The Attempted Penal Reforms at Norfolk Island, ...
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Alexander Maconochie, Lord Meadowbank - Wikipedia.

Alexander Maconochie, later Maconochie-Welwood (2 March 1777 – 30 November 1861), was a Scottish judge. The son of Allan Maconochie, Lord Meadowbank, ...
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ACT Custodial Operations

Custodial Operations is administered under sections of the Crimes (Sentence Administration) Act 2005, part of which establishes remand centres in the ACT. The Superintendent is responsible for directing and controlling the operations of the ACT adult custodial facilities. The facilities main objective is to carry out the mandate of the court and to ensure the provision of safe care and secure accommodation to those in custody in a controlled environment. The facilities have a responsibility to address a duty of care for each individual, accommodating both genders and a variety of cultures.

AM Biography

Alexander Maconochie was born in Edinburgh on 11 February 1787. ... Alexander Maconochie wanted to shift the focus of penology from punishment to reform. ...

Maconochie, Alexander (1787 - 1860) Biographical Entry

J. V. Barry, Alexander Maconochie of Norfolk Island (Melb, 1958); H. Mannheim (ed), Pioneers in Criminology (Lond, 1960); P. Collins, Dickens and Crime ...
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