Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform

committed to preventing tragedy that arises from illicit drug use

Drugs Affect All Sectors of Our Community

A public forum
held in the Legislative Assembly Reception Room, London Circuit, Canberra City
on 28 June 2001

Chair: Kerrie Tucker, Greens MLA

Kerrie Tucker: Itís a pleasure to be asked to chair this meeting tonight. Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform are a very important group in our community. Theyíve shown incredible courage as well as diligence in continually raising the issues related to substance abuse in our community. This is a particularly useful and constructive forum tonight because it is about giving us the opportunity to hear the voices of people who are working on the ground with the results, quite often, of substance abuse, whether itís illicit drugs or alcohol. I always want to say that because we canít forget that substance abuse isnít just about illegal drugs.

We will be having each speaker speaking for about ten minutes. Thereíll be three speakers and then weíll have some questions. Weíll then hear the other four speakers.