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Public Meeting Thursday 21 June 2012Prof Nichoilas Cowdery

Prof Nicholas Cowdery

Nicholas Cowdery AM, QC spoke as a pre-eminent lawyer with 40 years of practice in criminal law. He was the Director of Public Prosecutions for NSW from 1994 to 2011. Prior to that he was in private practice as a Barrister for 19 years, based in Sydney and taking silk in 1987, during which time he prosecuted many major drug trials.

Living with drugs: fostering a safe, open and rational society Candidates on Drugs Forum. 

The prohibition of illicit drugs is “a stand-out area in which our present approaches to crime control have been proven to be inadequate and inappropriate”.

Past Forums

  • The inhumane and unjust War against Drugs

    Dr Norm Stamper, former head of the Seattle Police Department and adviser to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

    Listen to the audio:

    Introduction of Dr Norm Stamper by Amanda Bresnan, MLA, ACT Greens

    Talk by Dr Norm Stamper in Canberra 26 October 2009

    Questions and Answers

    Power Point presentation here>>

    Illicit drugs policy through the lens of regulation

    Speaker: Alison Ritter
    Alison presented new research which has strong implications for policy development in the illicit drugs field and which could enhance further, Australia’s harm reduction strategies.
    Invitation, Powerpoint presentation, Reference list  

    Drug Action Week Forum 24 June 2008Can NSPs reduce OH&S risk in the AMC? Syringes and Work Safety in the new ACT prison

    Speaker:Mr John Ryan
    John Ryan (BA/LLB) is Chief Executive Officer of Anex in Victoria where he has overseen projects such as the review of injecting equipment supplied by NSP in Victoria;  the review of service delivery and models of best practice for the Inner West Region of Melbourne and the “National Consultations on the situational Context, Service Types and Issues of Concern for NSP in Australia”  He has been chair of the mental Health and Illegal Drugs Conference.  He is also Chair of the Anex Needle and Syringe Programs in Prison Committee. 
    Listen to audio here Introductions/Speech/Questions. Flyer

    Drug Action Week Public Forum 18 June 2007

    Parental substance abuse, parenting capacity and child protection: always a three way tug of war?  Presented by Dr Sue Packer, AM, FRACP
    ....[there is a] mutual obligation between generations ... [and] ... the safety of every child is the responsibility of everyone associated with the child’s life and no one person is to blame.  I believe these are two excellent principles to guide the development of more effective services for children of substance abusing families. 

    Evidence-based drug policy - myth or reality? - the ways in which research evidence is used or not used in policy making processes

    Public meeting presented on 6 Feb 2007 by Alison Ritter, Associate Professor, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and Director, the Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP)  view the presentation slides >>

    Evidence-based drug policy - myth or reality? 
    Speaker: Alison Ritter 
    Associate Professor, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and 
    Director, the Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP) 

    Methamphetamines, Mental Health and Drug Law Reform. A presentation by Andrew Macintosh, Deputy Director of the Australia Institute.
    Thursday 30 March 2006

    Making it Happen: Impact of Drug Policy on the implementation of the Canberra Social Plan
    Wednesday 23rd June, 2004.  Flyer 

    The Heroin Ban in Australia: Modern Witchcraft, Contemporary Inquisitions
    Monday 15th December, 2003

    Drugs Affect all Sectors of Our Community 
    Thursday 28th June, 2001    First question session

    Drug Action Week 2002


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