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26 Nov 2013

Abbott Government fails first test on drug policy

The Abbott Government, with no consultation or explanation has recklessly defunded the peak body, the Alcohol and Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA)
"Axing all funding for ADCA without consultation and in pursuit of a false claim of fixing the debt shows up the Federal Government as unprincipled and evidence free", said Brian McConnell, President of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform. "This peak body provides the best evidence based advice and guidance to all drug and alcohol service providers throughout Australia. It has also provided that advice to past governments. This Government may not like unbiased reliable advice but the service providers have found it to be invaluable for the provision of their services."......

7 June 2013


“The death of a young man following the ingestion of a synthetic drug has drawn the same predictable response from police”, said Brian McConnell, President of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform. 
The head of the NSW Drug Squad, Superintendent Nick Bingham following this tragic death said that a request was being made to the NSW government to have the substance put on the prohibited list. 
“It is not that simple.  We need some intelligent thinking on the whole effectiveness of prohibition”, said Brian McConnell.

”We have already prohibited many drugs but people still get them.... more >>

1 June 2009

New German law for heroin prescription challenges Australia to take its head out of the sand

...“The German decision challenges Australia to remove John Howard’s veto of this medical treatment and put humanity and social well-being first"

4 February 2008

Call for Judicial Inquiry into Causes of Heroin Drought and Methamphetamine Flood

A careful study of the public statements of the Australian Federal Police and other law enforcement agencies throws doubt on the Howard Government’s claim that the law enforcement effort funded by the Tough on Drugs Strategy caused the heroin drought.

19 November 2007

No new ideas in Coalition's dead end policy

The Prime Minister is playing with people’s lives for politics when he calls for welfare payments to people convicted of drug offences to be quarantined.......This is a dead end Coalition policy.

21 October 2007

Opposition leader to speak at 12th annual remembrance ceremony

13 September 2007

Bronwyn Bishop drug report a recipe for disaster.

17 June 2007

In the best interests of the child: Integration of drug and child protection policies 
The response to the alarming increase in child protection cases across Australia in recent years has ignored the role of drug and alcohol policy.

1 June 2007

Prison law is foundation for continued victimisation

“The Corrections Management Act that the Government pushed through the Assembly last night will do nothing to improve rehabilitation of prisoners and reduce reoffending,” said John Ley, vice-president of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform.  
This is because the Government seems to have been intent on establishing an efficient law for discipline, searching, banning, seizing and punishment at the expense of one that addresses the severe health problems that cause people to be in prison and that will cause them to return if not addressed.

1 March 2007

Parliamentary Inquiry introduces sense into the “Ice” debate 

29 March 2006

Public Meeting on Methamphetamines, Mental Health and Drug Law Reform

6 March 2006

Drug policy: A plea to put health and wellbeing first

8 Februay 2006

Young and mentally ill endangered by Howard's cannabis scare

12 November 2004

Government study on 2000-01 heroin drought expected to be a whitewash

10 November 2004

Federal Government more interested in slogans than effective drug solutions

16 August 2004

Tougher drug laws - more kids to have criminal record

26 October 2003

Drug Deaths to be Remembered

15 October 2003

ACT Prison Inquiry – Prisons Damage Families

8 September 2003

Inquiry a litany of lost opportunities

23 April 2003

Reality check needed on latest drug bust


PM rejection of NCA evidence frightening

4 November 2002

Anne Deveson to speak of drug use and mental illness

10 August 2002

NCA independence gone:
National Crime Authority brought to heel


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