20 Year FFDLR Book

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Book to commemorate 20 years of FFDLR
The Drug Law Wars: Twenty years of families fighting at the front

was launched on Wednesday 18 November 2015, 12:30pm at the ACT Legislative Assembly by Senator Katy Gallagher.

“The war on drugs has killed hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Nobody knows that better than the authors of this book. Criminalization makes drugs much more deadly, and punishment makes addiction radically worse. If you want to understand the heart of this pain – and the urgent need to pursue the alternatives, which have been proved to work – read this book.” Johann Hari Author of Chasing the Scream

* For anyone who wants to understand the history, development and implementation of Australia’s drug laws this is the book for you.
* For anyone who wants to understand the human cost and the personal stories of lives lost and families left heartbroken this is the book for you.
* For anyone who wants to understand other alternatives to standard drug policy and laws this is the book for you.

Opening words from Senator Katy Gallagher at the launch of the book

Senator Katy Gallagher said of this book: “It’s a history that has been shaped by the dedication, perseverance, eternal optimism and sheer persistence of a small group of individuals who managed against the odds to spread an alternate message to the one commonly understood across the community”.

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The book has contributions from Gabriele Bammer, Bill Bush, Desmond Manderson, Michael Moore, Mick Palmer and Alex Wodak.