Our Charter

We recognise that the present prohibition policies:

  • are not preventing the use and abuse of illegal drugs;
  • do not protect our young people, their families or their friends from related tragedy;
  • cause unintended harm and limit harm reduction strategies;
  • marginalise and stigmatise people in our community;
  • work against the application of human rights for dependent drug users; impede the development of beneficial medical applications of illegal drugs;
  • put the control of illegal drugs outside the law;
  • create the conditions for a black market that enriches criminals and promotes the distribution of the drugs;
  • fund terrorist activities; waste enormous economic resources.

Further we resolve to promote:

  • activities that raise awareness of the issues;
  • activities that will overcome stereotyping and marginalisation;
  • education programs that are directed toward reducing harm and minimising abuse; standards and accreditation for drug treatments and interventions;
  • provision of adequate and well resourced drug treatments and interventions;
  • the important role of families in drug treatment and rehabilitation;
  • the search for better drug policies based on evidence;
  • cautious and well-researched steps toward changing laws so that they cause less harm;
  • removal of criminal sanctions for personal use of currently illegal drugs.