Thank you for your membership application

Payments by cheque should be sent to:

The Treasurer
PO Box 7186

Direct Debit Instructions

Make a note of the following three items:

BSB Code 801009
Account code 1194974
Account Name FFDLR

and then:

  • Log on to you own internet bank account.
  • Select the option that lets you make a direct debit or pay into another Australian bank account.
  • Enter the BSB code, the account code and the account name. (You might like to set up FFDLR as a new payee at this point.)
  • In the description or reference for transfer enter “Membership payment” and your name so that we can match it to the membership form.
  • Enter the amount of your payment – remember that donations too are always welcome.
  • Check that the details are correct and make the payment.