Inquiry into crime in the community: victims, offenders, and fear of crime

The greatest contribution that the Commonwealth could make to the
reduction of crime that affects the community is to undertake a root and
branch revision of its illicit drug policy. The establishment of a drug policy
that is consistently based on evidence rather than fear and prejudice will lead
to large reductions in property crime and crimes of violence. This is discussed
in Parts 3 and 7.

Transnational and other organised crime that is profiting from the trafficking
of illicit drugs must continue to be pursued with the utmost vigour. Moreover,
it is essential that Parliament and the people receive accurate information
about the general dimensions of the threat of organised crime to Australia.
The changes that the Government wishes to make to the National Crime
Authority in the form of a new Australian Crime Commission have destroyed
the Royal Commission qualities of independence and efficient governance.
These qualities were and remain essential if the NCA or its successor is to
uncover the truth about sophisticated criminal activity which has been shown
to extend its influence into police forces and into the highest levels of
government. See section 7.1.2.

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