Submission of FFDLR to the Inquiry into Support Services for Families of People in Custody

Recommendation 1:
Programmes for the support of families of those in detention should be
consistent with the following principles:
(a) the hardship of family members dependent on the member detained
should be minimised;
(b) the family’s support for the detained person during the detention should
be maximised;
(c) the capacity of the family to assist in the reintegration of the released
member into the community should be reinforced;
(d) the capacity of the family to bring up children should be strengthened; and
(e) the health of the detained family member should be protected. [Page 20.]

Recommendation 2:
Support should be provided:
(a) to meet the crisis and longer term material needs of families whose
life is disrupted by the detention of a members; and
(b) to assist the family to cope with the non-material stresses associated
with detention, notably where these are compounded by substance abuse and
mental disorder of the member in custody. [Page 22.]

Recommendation 3:
Procedures should be in place to make a prompt assessment of the needs of
the family of everyone who is detained. [Page 29.]

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