President’s Annual Report 2003

Events of significance
The year 2003 was a significant year in that it was 50 years since heroin was prohibited in Australia. An extract from reports from that year has been posted on our website. A great deal of material was collected to mark this event, some of which has been published. A package of material has been sent to media outlets trying to stir their interest. At the time of writing this report we are organising for Desmond Manderson, an historian with significant knowledge of the history of prohibition in Australia, to speak at a public forum.
SIP (Supervised Injecting Place): The Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Place trial concluded and a report of the trial was published in May 2003. As a result that trial has been extended for another four years. In the ACT the incoming government undertook to establish a SIP subject to the outcomes of the Sydney MSIC. At time of writing no decision had been taken. Canada, during the year established its first supervised injecting centre. This was the first on the American continent.
Centenary of Federation Medals were awarded to Brian and Marion McConnell. The medals were awarded for services to Drug Law Reform through Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform and reflect as much as anything on the work and support of key FFDLR members.

Involvement in the community or other like groups
The Opiate Program – ACT: John Ley is FFDLR’s representative on this committee.
Crime Prevention Committee: Bill Bush is FFLDR’s representative on this committee.
ACT Drugs Task Force: Brian McConnell is FFDLR’s representative on this taskforce. Its work concluded on 21 October and the outcome has been the production of a new ACT drug strategy.
DIRECTIONS: Brian McConnell is a member of the Board of this drug user support service agency.
ADFACT: Brian McConnell’s membership to the board of this residential rehabilitation service agency concluded this year. Brian was a ministerial appointment to the board.
ACTCOSS Corrections Coalition: Bill Bush is FFDLR’s representative in this coalition.

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