Submission of FFDLR to the inquiry of an independent panel charged with reviewing the Effectiveness of Australia’s Aid Program

This submission

  1. questions the effectiveness of Australia’s overseas aid program in combating organised crime engaged in the drug trade;
  2. argues that pursuit of the present program undermines broader and more important national security and social objectives;
  3. argues that rigorous economic modelling should be brought to bear on that issue; and
  4. asks the Independent review panel to call upon the services of internationally reputed economic modellers with experience in analysis of the impact of organised crime.

According to such experts something like 850 billion dollars a year is being taken by corruption, fraud, and the illicit drug trade from the poorer countries and transmitted to richer ones. One such expert is Raymond Baker of the United States who has worked in the Brookings Institution and the Center for International Policy and is now director of the Global Financial Integrity (GFI). He estimates that: “Ten corrupt dollars go out for every one dollar of development assistance that goes in” (Emmons 2001).

Overseas Aid submission  4 Feb 2011

Overseas Aid submission Supplemental 1  22 Feb 2011

Overseas Aid submission Supplemental 2  23 Jan 2018