President’s Annual Report 2011

World events

There is a great deal of movement in respect of drug law reform overseas:

  • There are now nine countries that provide diacetylmorphine (pharmaceutical grade heroin) on prescription as a substitution (for street based) heroin.
  • Portugal, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, are among countries that have decriminalisation of personal use of illicit drugs. Uruguay never criminalised personal use. Additionally some US States and Canada allow personal use of cannabis for medical purposes.
  • Global Commission on Drug Policy: This Commission, comprising many past world leaders released its report, world wide in June this year. It reported that the war on drugs was not working and amongst the recommendations it said:
    “Act urgently: the war on drugs has failed, and policies need to change now.”
  • Transform Drug Policy Foundation: Not only has this organisation produced its “Blueprint for Regulation” but its website has many publications including “Tools for the debate”.
  • Global initiative for drug policy reform: This is a joint initiative of the Beckley Foundation and the All-Party Parliamentary Group in the UK. Among its objectives it aims “to promote health-oriented, cost-effective drug policies based on scientific evidence and human rights”. As recently as 17 November it had organised a House of Lords meeting – a meeting of government leaders, policy-makers and experts to debate the effectiveness of alternative policies. Members of The Global Commission on Drug Policy will attend the Meeting, and present their Report. Invited also are countries that have implemented progressive approaches to drug control to present evidence and discuss the results of their policy decisions. We await reports of those meetings.

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