AGM News

A quick update post AGM. The committee elected is as follows:

  • President – Peter Taylor
  • Vice-President – Bill Bush
  • Secretary – Marion McConnell
  • Treasurer – vacant
  • Committee members
    • John Ley
    • Joan Westaway
    • vacant

You’ll see that we have two vacancies, treasurer and a third committee member. If you are interested in taking up one of these positions please let me know. Help is also needed with secretarial jobs outside of the meetings as well as looking after our website.

We have had one committee meeting post the AGM at which we started to develop a strategy for 2017. Given the current drug law climate we are considering how we can engage with the health, legal and legislative communities to further make the FFDLR objectives a reality.

Last week we submitted a series of recommendations to the ACT ATOD Strategy evaluation group following a meeting that Bill Bush attended as our representative. A meeting occurred, and follow up emails, were exchanged with staffers from the ACT Legislative Assembly Green’s office. Some frank discussion took place in regards to the proposed drug court in the ACT. Good relations were established and we will continue these discussions next year.

The ACT Health Minister has been approached in regards to a meeting and we expect a reply after
Christmas. We will also be requesting an audience with the ACT Attorney General.

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