ATODA Research eBulletin – May 2019

Research Findings

How strong is evidence for depot injection treatment for opioid use disorder?
Any progress yet in defining and understanding the contested concept of ‘recovery’?
What evidence is available about the effectiveness of prison-based AOD treatment programs?
How effective are community-based diversion programs for drug-using offenders?
How effective in reducing drug-related harm is the use of drug detection dogs by policing agencies?
To what extent does the introduction of alcohol lockout legislation in a geographically defined location result in the displacement of alcohol-related problems to elsewhere?
How does alcohol advertising and sponsorship work?
How can government policy decisions impact on the effectiveness of remote Aboriginal communities’ attempts to control alcohol use?
To what extent is psychostimulant use implicated in fatal strokes among young adults?
How effective are prescription drug monitoring programs in preventing opioid overdoses?
How soundly based is the Australian prohibitionist policy on the sale and use of electronic nicotine delivery systems?
How effective is treatment of hepatitis C virus in prisons using a nurse-led model of care?

ACT ATOD Sector Research eBulletin – May 2019