Fair Treatment – Half a Million Steps

The documentary, Half a Million Steps had its premiere showing at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney on Thursday 13th June. Hundreds of people attend-ed what was an excellent documentary not only depicting the difficulty for users wanting treatment, but also the failure of a punitive system of drug law enforcement.
The hope is that this documentary will be seen across the country.
It is presently being shown at Dendy Cinemas in Newtown and Circular Quay. Information here.
ALSO you can register to attend or host a screening and view the trailer here http://www.fairtreatment.org/walk/
It takes half a million steps to walk from Dubbo to Sydney – the distance a person in regional New South Wales may have to travel just to reach the drug treatment they need. A long and lonely road to recovery.
In October 2018, Uniting sought a new path for drug reform.
Step by step, people joined the walk from Dubbo to Sydney to deliver a letter signed by people of NSW to bring care closer to home. Along the way, stories were gathered and signatures collected to support the cause with one purpose: making sure that all Australians can access the care they need.
These stories and the walk were collected in a powerful documentary called ‘Half a Million Steps’
There will be a public showing in Canberra in July but it is hoped that other organisations and individuals will host screenings across the country. Packages containing a DVD and help on hosting an event are available at http://www.fairtreatment.org/walk/
This is a great opportunity to further raise awareness about our crazy drug laws that cause so much suffering.
It is important that you encourage your politicians to see this documentary. Anyone with half a heart or mind will be moved by this documentary and see the need for change.

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