Letter to the Editor – Pill testing works

Letter to the editor of the Canberra Times was published in today’s paper – 6/9/2019. It was significantly edited but the original is copied here.

Pill testing works

It is difficult to understand the mixed up points that Colliss Parrett (letters Aug 26) is trying to make on pill testing at music festivals.

The main and most important issue with the testing of pills is to reduce the harm of these pills. Harm reduction is one of the pillars of Australia’s Harm Minimisation Drug Strategy. And we must remember that these drugs are harmful because prohibition handed their manufacture and distribution over to criminals. Prohibition did not prevent the demand or supply of drugs but it certainly increased the harm.

Pill testing at music festivals throughout the world has been shown to reduce this harm as has the two trials in the ACT.

Parrett questions whether we should use pill testing because in his opinion, the equipment used is  not gold standard. Surely this can only be reached through gaining more information and knowledge from trialing pill testing as is part of any research project.

Saving lives, educating and informing our young is what pill testing is about.

M McConnell