National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre says ACT has nation’s highest rate of drug-induced deaths, as families call for change

Drug harm minimisation strategies include improved access to supervised consumption centres, greater education of how to safely use drugs, improved access to treatment clinics, and one significant change: decriminalisation.

Many advocates for drug law reform believe decriminalisation is an important step forward for recreational drug users.

“These people are already being punished by their drug addiction and law enforcement comes in on top of it, doesn’t help. And I think our health services and that, are realising that,” Ms McConnell said.

Mr Bowles echoed that sentiment.

“Decriminalisation would absolutely reduce drug-related harm. We know that drug decriminalisation does not increase consumption if its just for personal possession,” he said.

“It does, however make people more able to seek treatment or harm reduction if they feel like they need it.