Rethink Addiction Convention 12 – 14 September 2022

Why we’re coming together to
Rethink Addiction

An Australian dies almost every hour from alcohol, other drug, and gambling harm. One in four Australians will struggle with alcohol, other drugs, or gambling in their lifetime. More than half a million Australians who need help can’t access it.  

These are not just numbers. They are people – family, friends, and colleagues from all walks of life – who deserve our love and support, but misconceptions about addiction, and the stigma that results, mean that far too often they experience the opposite.

We need your voice. The Inaugural Rethink Addiction National Convention is an historic opportunity to come together to change the conversation. We call on clinicians, researchers, service providers, policymakers, and people with lived experience, as well as other interested parties from civil society, to unite in our nation’s capital in September to let decision makers know there is a better way.

 Real change is possible. To achieve it, we need to have a frank and fearless conversation about the challenges and share real stories that dispel the myths and end the stigma stopping people from getting the help they need.

 Join us in Canberra to help change the conversation.

Together we can Rethink Addiction.