President’s Annual Report 2004

This seventh formal President’s report covers the 12 month period from November 2003 to November 2004.

I would like to thank all those who contributed during the year to the group’s activities by writing letters, writing submissions, visiting MPs and others, participating in media events, addressing groups and meetings, assisting with various organised activities, participating and providing support and attending meetings. I would like especially to thank my office bearers John Ley, vice president; Pat Varga, treasurer; and Cynthia Groundwater, secretary.  I also thank Marion McConnell for her organising work and support, and St Ninian’s Church for the use of its hall. In addition some excellent work has been undertaken for FFDLR by Bill Bush and I thank him for his tireless efforts.

Interstate the efforts of Jan Steel in WA and of Jim Bright in the NSW Hunter valley area have been valuable contributions.  However we certainly need more families to speak out on policy issues.

I would also like to pay tribute to Kerrie Tucker, former Greens member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and Roslyn Dundas, Democrat member for the ACT Legislative Assembly for their support and action during the years they were in the Assembly. Their contribution and support will be missed.

Although FFDLR members have worked very hard this year there has been little visible progress to show for that work. However in the ACT the implementation of the drug strategy and the proposed hydromorphone trial give cause for hope.

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