Submission to the inquiry of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission


  1. The performance criteria should not reflect mere activity but instead whether
    there has been meaningful progress towards the achievement of substantive objectives.
  2. Having regard to the unique intelligence and assessment capacities of the
    Commission, annual reports should incorporate an assessment of whether law
    enforcement effort is making progress towards the achievement of substantive
  3. When measures of law enforcement activity such as the levels of drug seizures
    are provided, the annual report should also include an assessment of the extent to
    which this activity impacts on the overall level of criminal activity involved.
  4. As part of its intelligence assessment, the Commission should regularly
    included in its report estimates of the the size of the market in Australia for different
    illicit drugs.
  5. Rather than using the gross level of drugs seized, estimates of effectiveness of
    law enforcement should have regard to the extent that law enforcement effort reduces
    the quantity of drugs needed to satisfy the demand of the Australian market.
  6. As it bears on its governance, the anti-corruption prevention and response
    system being instituted for the Commission should be the subject of public scrutiny by
    the Committee and be covered in the Committee’s report.
  7. All Governments and Agencies involved in the management of the
    Commission should commit themselves to maintain and strengthen
    the values of the Commission as set out in its corporate plan.

Australian Crime Commission 2005

Acc Review Supplemental