FFDLR’s submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Inquiry into Drug Law Reform

In its submission to the Inquiry of the Road and Community Safety Committee of the Parliament of Victoria into Drug Law Reform Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform focuses upon the situation of how existing drug policy and the law that implements it treats drug users. We are aware that reform of this much contested area of public policy cannot be taken without an appreciation of the market as a whole that supplies drugs to the consumer. This submission therefore comments upon the production, manufacturing, and wholesale supply of drugs in so far as to understand the retail aspect that impinges upon users and to identify the means by which the personal and societal harms most associated with drugs can best be ameliorated.

Submission can be found here
Annex A: A Case for Reference of Illicit Drug Policy to the Productivity Commission can be found here
Annex B: Social impacts of criminalising drug use and possession can be found here
Annex C: Note on the impact of the Portugal Drug Policy Reforms can be found here